Geothermal Exploration

Resource identification, surface exploration, and assessment.

Drilling Consultancy

Siting and design of wells, and resource evaluation.

Resource Assessment

Resource assesment
Volumetric assessment, conceptual modeling, and numerical simulation.

Geothermal Training

Geothermal training
Geothermal training and workshops at all levels.

Geothermal collaboration between Romania and Iceland was recently strengthened through two educational and promotional visits.
At ÍSOR on Thursday Nov 2, at 13.00. By Samuel Scott, post-doctoral researcher in the Operations Research and Subsurface Modeling group at Reykjavik University
During this week, 1.-6. October, two large geothermal events organized by ÍSOR are taking place in Hof, Akureyri. Over 200 geoscientists coming from 15 countries attend meetings and a conference that are part of two geothermal research projects, named IMAGE and GEMex
Annual Report / Brochures
Annual Report 2014
About geothermal energy
Strokkur the hot spring, begins to erupt. Photo Sigurður Sveinn Jónsson.
Bedrock / Northern / Southwest
Geological Map of the Northern Volcanic Zone, Southern Part - Ódáðahraun 1:100 000